Moudini the Marvel was a carnival magician who was active in the 1940s. In 1946, he worked with a local Constable Deputy of the local police to try and steal a shipment of gold bullion that was being shipped through the area. To this end, they manufactured a rivalry when the magician attempted to steal the officer's lighter by making it "disappear" with a slight of hand trick and refusing to make it reappear. This petty theft was ruined by the visiting Sub-Mariner who forced Moudini to return the lighter.

Later, the magician sent his gang to steal the shipment of gold, once again this was stopped by the Sub-Mariner. However, unknown to Namor, the shipping truck had a false bottom rigged by Moudini and the officer. When he tied up the gang and put them in the back of the truck to bring to the police station, it appeared that they disappeared with the gold after they passed through an over pass. The only clue left at the scene was a single playing card, implicating Moudini. When the Constable Deputy and Namor confronted Moudini, he denied any involvement but was arrested on suspicion while Namor checked out his trailer for clues. Moudini vowed that he would escape from his cell, and when nobody was looking the Constable Deputy freed him, leaving a note from Moudini and making it appeared as though he vanished from his cell.

Meanwhile, Namor had tracked down the gang's hideout and confronted them as they were loading the gold into a yacht. Easily besting the gang, Namor followed Moudini into the ship where he was waylaid in a room of mirrors. Tying Namor up with chains, he mocked the hero by showing a magic trick where he filled a glass of water and drank it before the hero before leaving him to be blown up by a time bomb. However, Namor managed to escape by knocking over the table the trick was performed on, revealing a pitcher of water that revitalized the hero's strength.

Namor then caught up to Moudini who was escaping with the gold in a truck driven by the Constable Deputy, and the gang was arrested.[1]

Moudini's subsequent fate is unknown.


Moudini was an expert slight of hand magician.


Moudini had various devices to create his magical illusions: Trained pigeons, handkerchiefs rigged to seemingly change colour, a table rigged to fill a glass with water, trained pigeons, a hat with a false bottom and so on.

Other non-magical stage or carnival magicians: Mysto the Magician, Master Magician (Tehru), Amazo, Marko[2], and the Trump (Carlton Sanders).

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