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Mount Charteris was originally the mountain base used by the villainous mutant group Factor Three as it was shielded from Professor X's mental probing. After a defeat at the hands of the X-Men Ogre was ordered back to the mountain base. Factor Three kidnapped a mutant teenager from Pittsburgh named Sonny Baredo who would later be known as Humus Sapien. Ogre subjected the boy to horrible tortures to activate Sonny's powers but soon learned that every time Sonny used his powers it stole the lifeforce from someone else on earth. Ogre kept the boy prisoner in stasis in the bowels of Mount Charteris to keep him from being a threat to the world. Factor Three disbanded and left their base and Ogre found himself in the mountain alone.[1]

As the years went by new groups occupied and abandoned the mountain as their plans rose and fell. The Sons of the Serpent and Hydra followed by August Masters and other operatives of the Secret Empire all laid claim to the base. The Defenders briefly fought August Masters at the base a fact that later Defenders member Angel would recall. Nighthawk tried to blow up the base when Masters was in charge but apparently this failed or the damage was repaired. Ogre as always hid in the bowels of the mountain to avoid people and protect Humus Sapien from falling into the wrong hands.[2]

Many years later the base would once again be occupied, this time by the Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer) and her Masters of Evil.[3] Ogre helped an imprisoned Moonstone free her restraints which proved to be the Masters undoing. Later Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts moved into the mountain base. Ogre took a liking to them and chose to shower them with gifts like new a new paintjob for the champscraft, 5 atomics steeds and a new costume for Charcoal but Ogre would disappear before anyone could catch sight of him. Eventually the Thunderbolts tracked him down and Ogre told them a mostly true story about his time with Factor Three and his time in the mountain with the exception of torturing Humus Sapien. Ogre was invited to join the Thunderbolts but was soon replaced by former Thunderbolt Techno in his robotic form who assumed Ogre's form to manipulate his old teammates.[4]

Techno was fascinated with the mysteries of the mountain and kept the real Ogre in stasis along with Humus Sapien. Eventually Scourge would kill the Thunderbolt member Jolt and Techno swapped her body with a fake and put her corpse in stasis as well and began working to resurrect her. Scourge would eventually kill this robotic Techno which freed Ogre and Jolt but not Humus Sapien. S.H.I.E.L.D. soon seized the mountain base and began to operate out of it while the Thunderbolts were dealing with Moonstone's problems on Saturn's moon Titan.[5]

Sometime later the V Battalion began gathering a group of operatives named the Redeemers to confront Henry Peter Gyrich for his conspiracy against superhumans. The Redeemers and Thunderbolts defeated Gyrich, the Thunderbolts were pardoned for their crimes and the Redeemer then began operating out of the mountain (alongside S.H.I.E.L.D.) and were promised pardons if they performed to the governments expectations.[6]

For a while the Redeemers took the Thunderbolts place as the local heroes and dealt with an issue involving the Young Allies and Dr. Doom. Redeemer member Fixer (Techno now back in his original human body) began hunting for Ogre to uncover the secrets of Humus Sapien and accidentally unleashed him from stasis. Humus Sapien went on a rampage that badly damaged the mountain and the nearby town Burton Canyon. Humus Sapien left earth with Ogre but that same day Graviton attacked the mountain further damaging. Many of the Redeemers were slaughtered but the Thunderbolts reunited and defeated him. After the battle with Graviton Burton Canyon was destroyed and Mount Charteris was heavily damaged. No one has used the mountain since.[7]



Mount Charteris came with a lot of amenities for its occupants. Some of which include a gym, a hangar for aircraft, a movie theater as well as holding cells for prisoners. The mountain was also stocked with food in the freezers and was powered by its own internal powerplant.

The amenities of Mount Charteris

The mountain also has tesseract devices which allowed Ogre to hide in another dimension.


Thunderbolts #33 reveals the previous occupants of Mount Charteris.

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