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Mount Doom was a mountain in Latveria. It was named by Doctor Doom after his late father Werner von Doom since this is the location where Werner took Victor as a kid to escape from prosecution, and where he died as a result.[1]

Mount Doom from Fantastic Four Vol 6 7 001

The mountains' original form

When he reclaimed the throne of Latveria, Doctor Doom devised a plan to lure Galactus to Latveria. He used Big Bang Cannons to alter the World Devourer's subatomic structure, causing him to phase into Mount Doom and become entrapped. Doom intended to turn Galactus into a source of energy for the world, repaying the sacrifice that his father made to keep him alive.[1]

Mount Doom was destroyed when the Fantastic Four liberated Galactus, since his presence was causing power surges that would eventually have destroyed the Earth.[2]

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