Dr. Walter Langkowski performed research at the Mount Logan Cosmic Ray Research Research Station beside the regular team of researchers. He believed that he had been able to "snag" a biological specimen that had been converted to energy and materialized it via one of the station's receptor dishes. He was shocked to find the body of Benjamin Grimm, the Thing. While Grimm laid unconscious, Langkowski did more investigation. Langkowski realized that the body in the lab was not that of Grimm but it was too late - much of the station explodes and all but Langkowski is killed. The being transported to Earth was, in fact, the Super-Skrull.[1]

Langkowski battled the Super-Skrull as Sasquatch but is defeated by the Skrull's hypnosis. the Super-Skrull then commanded Langkowski to help build a device that will transport him back to his homeworld. At the last minute, Langkowski stopped pretending to be hypnotized and sent the Super-Skrull somewhere randomly in space.[2]

It is unknown if the Mount Logan Cosmic Ray Research Station remained open after this incident.


Formerly research team members: Kortgaard, Col. McMurdo, Dr. Duncan, Megan Masterson, Greene

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