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Mount Rushmore National Memorial is centered on a colossal sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills near Keystone, South Dakota. The sculpture features heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.


20th century

In 1943, shortly after the construction of the monument had run out of funding, the work was almost destroyed by Eric Ward a Nazi sympathizer. However the attempt was foiled by the Human Torch and Toro.[1]

The invasion of extra-dimensional Electra warriors from Dimension X was frustrated when at least three of the huge statues apparently moved, leaving huge footprints on the soil, and intimidated the Electra advanced party. The animated statues proved to be immune to the extra-dimensional warriors' weapons. Scientist Lynwood, who had accidentally summoned the aliens, discovered what happened, or so he thought, but decided to not tell it; he however believed that the presidents had protected the nation.[2]

Some time later, Shang-Chi stopped his father's plans to destroy Mount Rushmore with explosives.[3]

However, Mount Rushmore was eventually destroyed by the terrorist group known as "Alliance"[4], though it appeared intact again later.[5]

21st century

The face of George Washington was partially damaged when Captain Marvel used it as a launching pad when he flew to Hala[6]

A Secret government bio-research lab was later discovered underneath Mount Rushmore which contained the dangerous US-made bio-weapon which was engineered by Project Bloodwash under the command of Secretary Dell Rusk, the weapon spread dangerously and killed many people before being stopped by The Avengers[7]

Later, Red Hulk was hiding in Abe's Head Bar, where he was confronted by the Lady Liberators. Their fight led them on top of Mount Rushmore, where it led to the destruction of Lincoln's head. Although, with the help of reinforcements, the Lady Liberators initially defeated Red Hulk and chained him, he snapped the chains and took off with Thundra, whom he overpowered only to recruit her for a job. She apparently let him go while her teammates repaired Lincoln's head.[8]

Alternate Realities


On this alternate Earth, Mount Rushmore's counterpart was known as Presidents' Mountain and the sculpture carved into it featured the heads of (from left to right) George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Given that many aspects of the history of Earth-712 were generally similar to those of Earth-616, the presence of Kennedy's head suggests that some (or all) of the monument was carved in the 1960s, decades later than in the real world. Additionally, the fact that Presidents' Mountain was about 40 miles north of where Squadron City was located in the Great American Desert, Earth-712's equivalent of the state of Nevada,[9] indicates that this mountain was over 600 miles to the west of where Mount Rushmore is located in southwestern South Dakota.

The two middle heads were destroyed during a battle between Hyperion and his evil counterpart from Earth-616[10] and Hyperion later assisted in the restoration of the monument.[11]

Mount Rushmore from What If...? Vol 1 4 0001.jpg


The Avengers and Reed Richards were able to separate the Venom Symbiote from The Hulk and Thor at Mount Rushmore. However, this required the Inhuman Black Bolt using his scream, resulting in Mount Rushmore's destruction.

Mount Rushmore (Earth-3515) from Thor Vol 2 68 001.jpg


After Thor took over the Earth, he included his face and that of his father in the Mount.[12]


In this dystopian world, Mount Rushmore was one of many monuments that had been destroyed during a nuclear war.[13]


Following the death of Captain America, a number of Earth heroes honor his sacrifice by getting the Thing and Alicia Masters-Grimm add his face to Mount Rushmore.[14]

Mount Rushmore from Wolverine Vol 3 69 001.jpg


Mount Rushmore was appended to have the Red Skull's face emblazoned on it as well.[15]

Mount Rushmore from Spider-Man Unlimited (video game) 001.jpg


One Memorial Day, Spider-Man visited Mount Rushmore.[16]


On this Earth, a group of frost giants used the casket of ancient winters to adorn the heads on Mount Rushmore with beards and horns made of ice.[17]

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