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The Mountain Giants, inhabitants of Jotunheim, have frequently battled the Asgardians through their history. They were once led into a trap when Odin seemingly banished Thor from Asgard. The traitor, Arkin the Weak informed Queen Knorda of this, causing her to mobilize her army and try and capture Thor. Thor, however, led them into a canyon where they were surrounded by Odin and his Asgardian warriors, leaving her no choice but to surrender.[1]

War of the Realms

The leaderless Mountain Giants refused to support Malekith in his conquest of the Ten Realms. When this happened, Loki and his father, Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants slaughtered most of them.[2]


Level of Technology

Giants tend to lead a simple existence as hunters and gatherers.

Cultural Traits

They have a warlike culture, and their envy of the Asgardians has caused them to go to war with Asgard repeatedly over the millennia.


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