Mountjoy comes from Bishop's alternate future. He was taught by the Emplates to possess the bodies of others. He came back in time through Trevor Fitzroy's while possessing Bantam. He left Bantam afterwards, but hunted him down once Fitzroy was dead, because Bantam was the only person left who knew of Moutjoy's existence.[citation needed]

While hunting Bantam, he fought and defeated Bishop by possessing Storm and using her as a hostage. Mountjoy escaped and Bishop tracked him to a NYPD station. Mountjoy absorbed Bishop and used his body to get into the X-Mansion and attack the X-Men. He absorbed Archangel, Gambit, and Psylocke, but Bishop used a hologram of his sister Shard to lure Mountjoy into the Danger Room, where Mountjoy tried to absorb the hologram. While Mountjoy was confused, Bishop blasted him forcing him to release the three X-Men.[citation needed]

Mountjoy then infiltrated the London branch of the Hellfire Club, by possessing Scribe. He and Emma Steed fought Captain Britain, but they were defeated and jailed.[citation needed]Sebastian Shaw bailed Mountjoy out of jail, and had him duel Madelyne Pryor. He nearly won, but Pryor psionically pulled him out of Scribe's body, and Mountjoy lost.[citation needed]

He has not been seen since. It is unknown he retained his powers after M-Day.[1]

Power Grid [3]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills*
* Heightened stats represent absorption/possession potential


Mountjoy was able to merge with others and absorb their memories. While merged with a mutant, he can use their powers at will. Once merged, he could choose to ride along within his victim and subtly control their actions, absorb their body into himself and use their powers as his own, or simply separate himself from them.

He also projected a "Basilisk field" which slowed his opponents' reaction times within a five-yard radius.

To describe his bodily-possession abilities, Mountjoy would use business terminology including "silent partner", "hostile takeover", and "divest".

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