Quote1.png Face it, Mary Jane! You're cheesecake. You're mozzarella. You're camembert. You're--what'ssss that kind that ssssmellssss like the men'ssss locker room? You're--not on the menu after all... Quote2.png
-- Mouse src


The sewer-dwelling mouse-like creature left its environment to romantically stalk a beautiful bystander Mary Jane Waterbuffalo. His approach was rebuffed, but he insisted. He was then interrupted by Raven the Hunter, who was impersonating Spider-Ham at that time. Raven defeated the mouse and sent it back to the sewer, impressing Mary Jane with the feat.[1]


The tail: A strong opponent can grab him from the tail. Come on, even Mac "Scorpion" Gargan implemented a security system to avoid that.

This character is unnamed in his only appearance in What The--?! #3, but it's still a reference to the role played by Vermin in the saga Kraven's Last Hunt.

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