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Mr. Baden was the lawyer of Simon Slugansky,[1] a member of the Munition Militia captured by Daredevil and his allies while they disrupted their plot to blow up New York City Hall.[2]

As part of a plan designed by his civilian alter-ego of Matt Murdock, Daredevil testified while in costume against Slug during his trial. Mr. Baden attempted to compel Daredevil's identity, but the prosecution had preemptively prepared a brief which responded to all of his arguments.

While Mr. Baden was struggling to prove that the witness couldn't be verified as Daredevil himself, the remaining members of the Munition Militia broke into the courtroom in order to free Slugansky. In the middle of the confusion, Slugansky attacked a bailiff and took his gun. Mr. Baden tried to convince him to behave, but his client tried to shoot him. Daredevil saved Mr. Baden's life, throwing the judge's hammer at Slugansky's face. Mr. Baden evidently lost the case afterwards.[1]


  • Mr. Baden charges $1.500 an hour.[1]

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