Quote1 Never mind me, Torch – I know my spine is broken! Listen carefully! Quote2
-- Mr. Carson src

Mister Carson was the owner of the Carson Explosive Company, which specialized in making explosives for mining and scientific purposes. In the late 1930s Carson created a new form of Trinitrotoluol which could be used for a Super TNT explosive. When riding the train named Comet, Carson met the android Human Torch who was also passenger of the train. They were startled by a televised broadcast that depicted Martians attacking New York City. While this was only a fiction, power-hungry Clifton Ritton had convinced some real Martians to target Carson, as they needed a good defense to protect their planet from invaders from another planet. The Martians, Captain Ott as their leader, caused the Comet to derail. The crash broke Carson's spine but he still refused when Captain Ott demanded the formula for the Super-TNT.

The Human Torch revived and chased the aliens away. Learning that Carson had the formula in his pocket, the Torch agreed to bring it to his daughter Diane. Carson passed away soon after. Carson was survived by his daughter, who turned the experimental explosive over to the Martians when she realized that they were just really desperate to defend their home world by doing Ritton's bidding and Earth would be safer place without the explosive.[1]

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