Falton was an independently wealthy career criminal that operated from his heavily fortified private island. In the early 1940's, guns and ammunition became scarce due to the military demand as America was preparing to enter World War II. Falton would capitalize on this, using his island facilities to make a readily available supply of guns, ammo, and other devices to criminals. He offered these services for a percentage of their thefts. With gun violence on the rise in New York City, the Human Torch was determined to find out who was providing weapons to criminals and how. To this end, the Torch pretended to become a criminal to attract the attention of whomever was providing the weapons. Sure enough, a representative of Falton came offering the Torch a means of reigniting his flame should it be put out with water.

The Torch followed this minion along with his partner Toro to the airport where the heroes forced themselves aboard the plane. Learning that the Torch and Toro were on their way to his island, Falton had the plane shot out of the sky and the heroes doused with chemicals to smother their flames. Falton once more attempted to coerce the Torch and Toro into joining him by showing the two heroes the scope of his operation. His final attempt to win over the Torch was to offer him 25% of his stolen wealth. The Torch responded by burning all the ill gotten money. Fleeing, Falton made the mistake of seeking refuge in the powder storage, as when the Torch and Toro burned their way through, they ignited the gun powder, causing a massive explosion that killed Falton and destroyed his island.[1]


Falton had a heavily fortified fortress on his private island. It was armed with anti-aircraft cannons and chemical sprayers that could douse the Human Torch and Toro's flame. Inside, it was a fully functional weapons manufacturing facility complete with an auto-tram system that could cart individuals from one location of the facility to another by railroad track.


When dealing with the Human Torch and Toro, Falton utilized a fire proof costume and a weapon that fired a highly concentrated acid that could douse the two heroes flames.

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