Mr. Feritt unmasked.

Mr. Feritt was the lawyer for Jonathan Lee -- a rich eccentric who owned a large castle near Camp Lehigh. When Lee passed away, Feritt was the executor of his estate. His will stated that the property would go to his only surviving relative, his niece Katherine Lee. The conditions of her gaining the property required that she spend three full evenings in the castle in order to inherit it. If she failed to do so, they property would go up for auction to be sold. Feritt soon learned that the decrepit and supposedly haunted castle was also above a rich oil deposit. Seeking to obtain the property himself, he devised the identity of "The Black Witch" and created a series of sophisticated devices to make the property seem haunted in order to frighten Katherine away.

Unfortunately for Feritt, the first night of his plan Captain America and Bucky happened to be nearby, returning to Camp Lehigh after a mission. They heard Katherine screaming and come to her rescue her from some common thugs who had come to frighten her. On the property himself, Feritt told Lee, Captain America, and Bucky about the supposed legend of the Black Witch, warning them that the property was haunted and telling them of the stipulations of Jonathan Lee's will. Captain America and Bucky decided to stick around and make sure that nothing bad happened to Miss Lee.

The following night, Feritt appeared dressed as the Black Witch and used a projection machine to create realistic looking ghosts and an remote control suit of armor to try and frighten her. However, Captain America and Bucky were on the scene to fight off the supposed apparitions. The following night, Captain America -- in his guise of Steve Rogers -- was held up at Camp Lehigh on guard duty, and so, he sent Bucky ahead to keep an eye on the castle.

Posing as an old fortune teller in his Black Witch guise, Feritt tricked the boy into getting his fortune read in order to toss him into a nearby river in hopes he would drown after falling off a waterfall. Captain America overheard Bucky's cries for help and rescued him. They soon discovered an oily taste in the water, giving Cap an idea of what exactly was going on. Cap sent Bucky ahead to search the castle; however, he was attacked from behind by some of Feritt's men. Bucky discovered the devices Feritt used to make his ghostly illusions and later found Cap deep in the castle's lower levels about to be killed by a torture device. Using the ghost projector, Bucky freed Cap, and the duo beat Feritt's minions into submission and stopped Feritt from killing Katherine. Knocking the "Black Witch" out, Captain America unmasked him and pieced together his entire plot.

Feritt was then turned over to the authorities, and Katherine earned her late uncle's castle.[1]


Mr. Feritt is a trained lawyer with an expertise in estates and executing the wills of the deceased.


When posing as the Black Witch, he wore a life like costume that made him appear as an elderly old woman. He had developed a series of elaborate devices to make Hagmoore Castle appear to be haunted: A flying broom stick that used an unknown means of propulsion, a projector that made three dimensional illusions of ghosts, a remote controlled suits (2 of them) of armor, and various life like costumes to make his minions appear as demons and ghouls.


When posing as the Black Witch, Feritt was armed with a knife and a crossbow.

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