Mr Gentry was brought in by Director X to replace General Clarke as the new head of Development and Deployment at Department H.[citation needed]

Mr Gentry, once he came into power, began making radical changes in the Department, banning all "black projects" and enforcing a new kinder, friendlier attitude. He believes the Department's primary focus should not just be Alpha Flight, but the people who make up Alpha Flight. Shortly before he attended Sasquatch's funeral, the Director revealed to him that, in fact, the body they were burying was not actually Walter Langkowski. Mr Gentry did not have the opportunity to reveal this information to the team before the original Sasquatch re-appeared.[citation needed]

Mr Gentry's goals in guiding Department H are not entirely clear, but he obviously wants to "clean it up." He's also taken a more hands-on role in Alpha Flight. When there were revealed to be two James MacDonald Hudsons he is the one who discovered that one was a semi-organic synthoid replica. At first he was reluctant to reveal which of them it was, but it was later uncovered that it was the younger Mac.[citation needed]

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