The Western Kid, his horse Whirlwind and dog Lightning come pass by the old man Hastings' Spread and witness the elderly crippled and his family being pressured by their ranch hand, Bart Carter, to give him half the profits from the sale of cattle he has been hired to move. Carter has also demanded that Hasting allow him to marry his granddaughter Marcia. Despite the fact that she loves Pete Lane, Marcia is willing to go through with the deal in order to save her father from losing money on his cattle. With Hastings being forced to agree to the deal, the Western Kid tells the old man that he will try to do something to get the old man out of his situation, however Carter warns his men to be vigilant as he suspects that Tex Dawson will try something.

Tex first rides over to Peter Lane's home and tells him to go and keep an eye on Marcia while he handles the situation. As the Kid rides off he suspects that greedy Bart Carter will try to find a way to claim all the profits from the sale of cattle and will attempt to change the branding on the cattle to his own. To try and catch him in this act, the Western Kid attempts to start a stampede of the longhorns, but is knocked out by Carter and his men. When Tex comes around he finds himself and Whirlwind tied up and Lightning missing, presumed dead in the stampede. However, Lightning survived and while Carter and his men prepare to rebrand one of the cattle, Lightning attacks while Whirlwind chews through his master's bonds. He then makes short work of Carter and his men, turn them over to the authorities and sells the cattle for Hasting. He then returns to the Hasting's ranch with the full amount of money. While Mr. Hasting is happy to have his money, Marcia in turn agrees to marry Pete Lane.[1]

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