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Quote1.png I'm good Vanir stock, me. Not one o' thy posh ponies from that Asgard, all mitherin' and ditherin'. Quote2.png
Mr. Horse[src]

Mr. Horse was the faithful steed of Jane Foster, the last of the Valkyrior.


The winged horse known simply as Mr. Horse was bred and raised by the Vanir on Vanaheim.[1] He was kept in reserve during the War of the Realms.[3]

Using funds from Mephisto, Grim Reaper hired Bullseye, equipped him with Dragonfang and a Valkyrior Steed (Mr. Horse), and send him to kill Valkyrie. Although Bullseye failed in murdering Valkyrie, he did successfully kill Heimdall.[3][4] When Valkyrie shattered Dragonfang, Bullseye fled, leaving Mr. Horse.[5] Mr. Horse then assisted Valkyrie in ferrying Heimdall's soul to the Mystery, travelling through Heven and Hades in the process. After arriving back in New York, Mr. Horse pledged his loyalty to Valkyrie (and revealed he could speak).[1]

Refusing to leave her side, Mr. Horse moved into Jane Foster's apartment and continued to serve as her steed.[6]




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