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Quote1 When I was a kid I used to think the old man -- my grandfather -- was the devil. Quote2


Mister Howlett was James Howlett's grandfather. Mr. Howlett had built the family fortune in an unknown way, and was disappointed in his own son's abilities to govern the fortune and raise his family, constantly punishing his grandsons. Believing that James required frequent punishment by a strong hand, in order to be raised properly, "Firm, but fair" was what Mister Howlett used to say, to justify any of his cruel actions. Mr. Howlett would also keep his servants disciplined and bullied the people in town. Mr. Howlett was allegedly the person who attempted to have John, Sr. and Elizabeth Howlett's first son, John Howlett, Jr., drowned as a baby, after they discovered that he was born with mysterious powers.[5]

Upon news from "Dog" Logan that Rose, James' live-in playmate, had killed John, Sr. and Thomas Logan, Mr. Howlett banished James as an heir to the family fortune, when they came to him for aid. Mr. Howlett still used his influence in town to help the pair escape, due to “blood ties”. Over the following years, Dog became Mr. Howlett's heir and ward.[6]

On his deathbed, Mr. Howlett would come to regret this decision and attempted to make amends with James and Rose, by sending Dog to find them and bring them back from their last known location. Little did Mr. Howlett know that Dog had been waiting his whole adult life to find out where they were, so he could kill James.[7]


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