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Johnston (whose first name was never revealed) was once a police detective, working alongside his partner Mr. Varley. They had both been on the police force for over ten years and were regarded as crooked cops, because they also worked for the Kingpin of Crime Wilson Fisk. One of their main jobs for the Kingpin was to regularly rouse Alfredo Morelli, who was a friend of the Kingpin's son Richard Fisk. One day Morelli told Varley and Johnston that it would be better to work for him. Johnston then joined Richard Fisk's payroll and became one of the Rose's right hand henchmen.[1]

On the Rose's instructions and along with Mr. Varley they once bribed football player Ray Nesters to throw a game. Wendy Thorton who was a sports columnist for the Daily Bugle was able to uncover corruption in football when she interviewed Nesters.[2]

Mr. Johnston once shot Daniel Kingsley when the Rose decided they should tie up loose ends. Following this and after a major Gang War, Johnston was killed by the Hobgoblin and his body found by the Rose resting in an armchair. His partner Varley was also found hanging from the roof of the Rose's apartment.[1]

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