Mister Kruger was the Executive Chief of the American Secret Service during the 1940s and 50s. In 1942 he met Kent Blake, an American soldier who braved through Nazi lines to bring micro-film to the Allied Forces. Kruger was impressed and offered Kent Blake a position within the secret service. He granted Blake the highest rank and made Blake answerable only to Kruger himself[1]. Kruger regularly assigned Kent Blake on various missions in the 1950s to prevent acts of espionage and sabotage by Communist spies.

In late 1951, the Untied States got involved in the Korean War. During this time Kruger was drafted into the military as a General in G-2 Military Intelligence. Kruger took Kent Blake along with him, assigning Blake on various missions behind enemy lines[2]. Following the war, Kruger returned to his regular position of Chief Executive of the Secret Service[3].

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