Quote1 A little trick I learned in India!! My aim is very good and I never miss! So – don't make another false move! Quote2
-- Mr. Lelong src

Not much is known about the history of the man named Lelong. By his own accounts he spent time in India where he learned how to toss knives.

Lelong became a member of a crew led by Dr. Landin to locate the location of the lost Temple of Alano. Finding a map leading to its treasures, Dr. Landin refused to show it to anyone on the expedition not wishing the fortune to be found by those driven by greed.

Knowing that the map would eventually return, Lelong spreaded rumor that the map was cursed. To this end, Lelong eliminated all those associated with the expedition including Dr. Landin. The map was shipped to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. before Lelong could get it. In order to gain the "curse" more credibility, Lelong adopted the identity of Mr. Sumner and disappeared as Mr. Lelong. He waited for someone to eventually return to Hong Kong to verify the truth of the curse.

That person was Jane Framan, an employee of the Smithsonian, charged with learning the truth. Staging an attack by one of his hired goons, Lelong as Mr. Sumner, attempted to win Jane's trust. However, the Angel (Thomas Halloway) also came to investigate the curse and recognized Lelong through his disguise and warned Jane.

When Lelong made his move and forced Jane to give him the map and took her hostage, the Angel came to her rescue, knocked Lelong out, and explained the whole plot to Jane. With Lelong knocked out the Angel left him for the authorities.[1]


Lelong was a skilled knife thrower, and a passing disguise artist.


As Mr. Sumner, Lelong drove a car.


Lelong was armed with a throwing dagger and a pistol.

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