Mr. Meer was the Draburgian ambassador to Israel. His wife was an American student who came with a student visa to Draburg and they found in love there, having a son, Max.

The whole family came to Israel when Max was about thirteen,[1] as Draburg was establishing an embassy at Jerusalem, and they were assaulted by an unknown aggressor, in fact Achilles of the Pantheon, in Tel Aviv.

Mr. and Mrs. Meer

They later met Rabin, a Knesset member, who apologized for the aggression and assured that the family was know safe, protected by the mutant super-agent Sabra, and Max befriended with Gretta Rabin, a secretly powerful telepath mutant.[1]

After Max and Gretta encounter with Achilles, Hulk, Rich Jones and Sabra, Max fell from a roof and was taken to Jerusalem Hospital, but the prognosis was that he would remain a vegetable for the rest of his life.

Gretta, at her side at the hospital, stated that doctors and Max's parents were wrong and Max could one day awoke, for the two of them to make great things, Max as the figure and Gretta behind, as the true and secret leader.[2]

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