Quote1.png The Lobos have much more to gain from me than the Americans. And much more to fear. But for all to begin... the girl must die. Quote2.png
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Mr. Moctezuma was a Mexican criminal involved in human trafficking for Roxxon. He had a connection with the Aztec Empire and its gods, as he repeatedly tried to kill a young girl believed to be the incarnation of Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, in order to jump-start "the Sixth Creation". But failed because her powers awoke[1] and due the intervention of Scarlet Spider who stopped the super-powered assassins he had later sent after her: his enforcer The Salamander[2] and his allies, the werewolf siblings Carlos and Esmeralda Lobo.[1]

He liberated the Salamander from prison (after seemingly appearing from shadows in the Salamander's cell)[3] and killed Carlos Lobo with some sort of breath spell when this one was convalescent and severely injured from the fight with Scarlet Spider.[1]

Mr. Moctezuma, The Salamander and a group of unknown people resembling Aztec gods

He now fears the revenge of Huitzilopochtli for trying to murder Aracely, the Hummingbird. Nevertheless, he is preparing for such event and has a group of what appears to be magic-enhanced humans at his service who, like the Salamander, seem to be blessed or possessing powers of (and some physical resemblance to) Aztec gods.[1]

  • Aracely refers to Mr. Moctezuma as "The Coyote" when he appears in her dreams to taunt her.[4] He is also always in the company of a coyote animal.[3][1]
  • Before her forced abduction and trafficking and her subsequent memory loss, Aracely knew Mr. Moctezuma by name and confronted him and questioned him about her parents' whereabouts.[1]
  • He is ultimately responsible for Aracely's treatment by the Lobo Cartel as he is the one who commanded them to place her in the truck and to leave it under the desert sun to kill her and its other passengers.[1]

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