Harriet with husband

The Munroes are the paternal grand-parents of Ororo Munroe, the mutant Storm.

Part of many left-wing organizations (including the Fruit of Islam for Harriet), they quit after the successive murders of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and John Kennedy.

They gave birth at some point to David Munroe and his sister.

Years later, their daughter died from AIDS, and David Munroe Jr. was raised by them.

When their grand-daughter Ororo was called upon to marry the Black Panther, Hydra came to their New Jersey residence, planning to use them to influence Wakanda. All enforcers were killed or knocked out by Harriet, her husband, or the Black Panther; Storm could then see her grandparents for the first time in her life.


Presumably trained into left-wing groups


A rifle and a gun

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