Quote1 For years Muro has tried to gain control of the world! Quote2
-- Monako src

With his minor magic powers, Mister Muro spent years trying to conquer the world. By 1940, he had became the regular nemesis of Monako the magician and operated from Nicaraguan base.

In his first recorded appearance, Mister Muro sought to steal a new explosive formula Monako's friend Al Nottington had invented for the government. His plot to kidnap Al and his sister Josie in an attempt to obtain the formula was foiled by his enemy Monako.[1]

Later, Muro would steal plans for secret fortifications in Panama in hopes of taking over the area. However he is once more pursued by his old foe Monako the magician. Chased through the air by airplane, Muro fails to slay Monako and his companion Josie Nottington and is soon captured. His mission a failure, Muro finally manages to use his mastery of the black arts to get away.[2]

With his magic, Muro escaped in green cloud-form to abroad with his aide Tashu. They were pursued by Monako, who returned to the USA weeks later. Monako implied that Muro had not survived their encounter, but his possible death haven't been ensured.[3]


According to Monako,[2] Muro is a master of the black arts. Monako suspected that origin of Muro's magic was same as his. However, the only magical ability he has displayed to date is the ability to transform into a cloud of green mystic energy. In cloud-form, he could take at least one person with him. The full range of his abilities remains unrevealed.[3]


Mr. Muro had 'super-motor' -powered airplane.


He used uniquely powerful bombs.[3]

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