The origins of Mr. Natas are a mystery, he has claimed that he is really Satan, but this claim remains unsubstantiated.

In 1951, Natas ran a crematorium in the town of Corona Way. When clients came to have their loved ones cremated, Natas drugged the grieving family members and then cremated them for his own sick pleasure. Eventually, the number of missing persons in the area gained media attention, and Beauty Magazine owner Whitney Hammond assigned his editor Venus to investigate the disappearance. Making the connection to the missing people to the crematorium, Venus posed as a mystery writer to learn more about Natas and his practice. However, when she started questioning Natas about the missing people, he had her thrown out.

Natas then continued his killings, and Venus was convinced that Natas was involved. She convinced her co-worker Della Mason to pose as a grieving woman whose cousin just died, with Venus posing as a cadaver. However, before Natas could cremate Venus in her coffin, she and Whitney replaced her with some bags of rocks to weigh down the coffin. After Natas incinerated the coffin containing the rocks, he drugged Della and attempted to do the same to her when Venus revealed that she was still alive. Confronting Natas, she also revived Della. At this point Natas, appearing to completely lose his mind, claimed to be Satan and then leaped into his own incinerator.

Venus and Della were convinced that they were dealing with a madman until the police investigated the crime scene and found no trace of Natas' remains, leaving his ultimate fate a mystery.[1]


Natas used a drug to knock out his patients and an incinerator to burn up his victims bodies.

  • Natas claimed that he was really the demon Satan, but these claims are unsubstantiated and during his only known appearance he did not display any mystic abilities. The fact that Natas disappeared when jumping into an incinerator suggests an immunity to fire and possibly the ability to teleport. However, it is possible that Natas used some other means to avoid being burned alive.
  • "Natas" is "Satan" spelled backwards.

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