Mr. Phillips (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 13 001

Mister Phillips

For his own reasons, the man known only as Phillips devised an alternate identity of the Looter and led a group of modern-day pirates in a series of ship robberies during the spring of 1942. To this end, they befriended the blind lighthouse keeper of the Last Chance Lighthouse off the coast of Washington, D.C. With a radio control, they deactivated the lighthouse, forcing the coming ships to crash into the dangerous reefs near the lighthouse. Then, the Looter and his men would rob the ships, leaving the crew to drown as the ships sank.

The end of this routine happened due in part thanks to Betty Ross, an FBI agent returning home from vacation. Phillips, in his civilian guise, boarded the vessel taking Ross home. Falling in love with Ross, Phillips attempted to propose to her when his scheduled trap was initiated off the coast of the Last Chance Lighthouse. With his men climbing on board, Phillips slipped away, changed into the Looter, and had his men kidnap Betty.

Unfortunately for the Looter, Betty was friends with Captain America and Bucky, who had come to the location to investigate the series of boat sinkings and insure their friend made her return home safe.

Captain America got knocked out in the ensuing skirmish, and both Betty and Bucky were taken prisoner. Finding them in a secret tunnel under the lighthouse, Captain America freed Bucky, but the Looter escaped with Betty once again. Realizing the that he had been manipulated into participating in criminal activity, the blind lighthouse owner showed Cap and Bucky the secret room where the Looter was hiding out with Betty. Catching the Looter of guard, Captain America knocked him out, removed his mask, and revealed his true identity.

Phillips was apprehended and faced execution by hanging for his crimes.[1] His ultimate fate however is unrecorded.


As the Looter, Phillips wore a life-like mask that concealed his identity.


The Looter wielded a sword.

Although the Looter had a swastika on his captain's hat and tattooed on his bicep, he had no known connections to the Nazis.

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