Mr. Prescott was a city contractor and an acquaintance reporter Ned Leeds met while investigating a statue outside City Hall which commemorated the Revolutionary War's Battle of Blood Creek, which in reality never took place.

When Leeds' widow Betty Brant picked up on Ned's investigation many years later, Mr. Prescott started to keep tabs on her and stalked her. Additionally, the people behind the secret of Blood Creek started to pursue him. Prescott used a secret underground network of abandoned passageways he knew of to evade them. While Ms. Brant was trying to go unnoticed in City Hall after spying on the files regarding the Blood Creek statue, Mr. Prescott approached her and showed her the underground tunnels.

Mr. Prescott explained to Brant that the statue was actually made up of explosive tritium, and could be used as a destructive bomb. Unfortunately, the tunnels Prescott used to move around turned out to house the lair of the Maggia boss behind the statue's construction, Ernesto Karnelli. Because of this, Prescott and Brant were easily tracked down by the Enforcers, captured and taken to Karnelli's base.

Prescott, Brant were later rescued together with Dr. Childs, another of Leed's associates kidnapped due to the Blood Creek contingency, by Spider-Man. After Karnelli's plan to set off the statue was foiled, Mr. Prescott joined forces with Dr. Childs to offer tours of the hidden tunnels before they were sealed off.[1]

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