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Mr. Slade

Mister Slade was a jungle explorer who was active in the 1950s. During an expedition he slew his jungle guides before he left the region. Returning for other reasons in 1954 he hired jungle guide Greg Knight. Recognized for his past murders by some of the locals, Slade created a creature costume and attacked and killed them, his creature costume being dubbed "The Fang" by locals.[1]

The two murders attracted the attention of Lorna the Jungle Girl who went to earn Greg that the Fang was in the region. Greg dismissed the problem while Slade, seeking to eliminate Lorna, took interest raising Greg's suspicion. Slade disappeared into the jungles and pretended to be attack then changed into the Fang and attacked Lorna. Lorna was saved by a lion who attacked the Fang forcing it to retreat. Changing out of his costume, Slade returned to camp pretending to have escaped the Fang.[1]

A few days later, Slade changed into the Fang again to continue his hunt of Lorna unaware that she was secretly tracking him. Quickly knocking him out and removing the costume, Lorna took Slade back to Greg. When Slade came to he confessed to his crimes and was turned over to the authorities. His subsequent fate is unknown.[1]


As the Fang, Slade wore a costume that resembled a hairy beast. It had sharp "teeth" and gloves with three claws. He coated the claws with a deadly and fast acting poison.

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