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Mr. Taylor was the father of a family of mutants which included his wife, son Billy, and daughter Wendy. When he and his wife were awakened at night by an argument between their children, Weapon X came for them. Mr. Taylor attempted to use his powers to hold off Kane, Sauron, and Wildchild, but was effortlessly defeated by them. His family were subdued by Mesmero not long after.

The Taylors were taken to Neverland, the mutant concentration camp, and branded with green 'M's on their hands, denoting powers useful to the Program. Those branded with red 'M's, like Maggott, whom the Taylors had befriended, were immediately put to death upon arrival. When Mr. Taylor confronted the Program's Director about the fate of those executed, he was dragged off by the Boxbots and never seen again.[1]

His fate was never revealed, but it was implied that he was terminated.



Mr. Taylor had the ability to channel a type of yellow energy into his hands. To what extent is uncertain as he was easily defeated by Kane, Sauron, and Wildchild.

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