The Skrull that would adopt the identity of Mr. Waspwind was one of the two Super-Skrulls assigned to the Skrull outpost of Kral X following the aliens' botched secret invasion on Earth. When the sons of Kral X's ruler Don Scarpone spread around the planet their fanatism for a TV series from Earth called the Ritchie Redwood Show, the two princes converted the two Super-Skrulls, and used their firepower to defeat and force their father and those loyal to him into exile. The two princes then adopted the identities of the show's cast members Ritchie Redwood and Bugface Brown and refashioned Kral X into a recreation of the show's setting, the town of Glenbrook. The two Super-Skrulls also role-played, with one of them adopting the identity of Mr. Waspwind, a biology teacher at Glenbrook high.

When the U.S.Avengers arrived to Glenbrook to rescue their MIA teammate Cannonball, Ritchie received them with the two Super-Skrulls read to fight. During the ensuing fight, Mr. Waspwind lunged at Smasher and Enigma and tried to stab them with his Wolverine claws. They used their powers to increase their durability, and since Mr. Waspwind's claws weren't coated with Adamantium, they broke on impact. He was then knocked out by Smasher. Following Ritchie's defeat, he and the two Super-Skrulls were arrested by the Shi'ar forced that assisted the U.S.Avengers in traveling to Glenbrook, so they could face justice in the planet where Don Scarpone and his people had been exiled.[1]


Super-Skrull: Mr. Waspwind is an enhanced Super-Skrull with "counterfeit" abilities to emulate those of many members of the X-Men. He appears to have the combined powers of Gambit, Wolverine, Dazzler, Iceman, and Nightcrawler.[2]

  • The Ritchie Redwood Show and all of its elements are modeled after the stories from Archie Comics. Mr. Waspwind, in specific, is a homage to the character of Mr. Weatherbee.

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