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Xao was one of the immortal Lightning Lords. His two brothers were killed by Iron Fist (Orson Randall) and as a result, he wanted to get revenge on K'un-Lun. In the modern day, he offered a 10.6 billion dollar deal to Daniel Rand, who refused.[1] He then welcomed Davos when he arrived at Wai-Go Industries.[2] Xao was later contacted by Jeryn Hogarth, who eventually agreed to his offer.[3] He then forced him to build a gate way to K'un-Lun with the help of Steel Serpent and Hydra. His plan was to destroy the city with a train loaded with bombs while Davos acted as a spy inside the city. Meanwhile, he also made a deal with Yu-Ti to murder Thunderer. However, when Iron Fist revealed that Xao intended on destroying K'un-Lun, not conquering it, Davos defected. Together, the Immortal Weapons foiled his plans and destroyed the portal and the train. When Iron Fist cornered Xao, he realized he couldn't win and jumped to his death instead.[4]

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