Mr. Yulov was Natasha Romanova's case officer during her time in the Black Widow Ops Program.

After giving her her first mission in Moscow alongside Dmitri, Yulov later met with Natasha in Havana, where another graduate of the Red Room Academy, Marina, had cultivated a relationship with a pair of government agents, Jema and José Comienza, who were looking to defect from Cuba to the United States of America.

Believing that the Comienzas did not trust Marina, Yulov encouraged Romanova to speed up the timetable and thus she convinced the couple that they were in danger and should immediately contact the Americans for the sake of their son, Emiliano.

Having successfully made the Comienzas desperate with a strategically placed car bomb to prevent the meeting with the Americans that she had urged, Yulov praised Natasha and then informed her that she would need to remove Marina at the end of the operation as well.[1]

Yulov next had Romanova discern the nature of the information the Comienzas planned to give the Americans, but then noted that Russia did not care what it was, they were merely doing a favor for Fidel Castro. He then ordered Natasha to make an example of their deaths in a very public manner and thus she used Marina to lure the couple to the Plaza Vieja where they were gunned down in broad daylight.

Romanova then finished her mission by following the last of Yulov's orders, assassinating not only Marina, but her boyfriend, Raul, and even his cat, Suerte, as well.[2]

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