Mrs. Berdeaux was the mother of Tarquin Berdeaux, better known as Toad Boy, who was said to be so ugly at his birth that his father left the family out of disgust the very same day. She worked multiple jobs to support her son, who was ungrateful and lazy. Eventually she lashed out at him, but, regretting it, hugged and kissed him in apology, only to discover that the contents of her son's sweat produced the most addictive drug the world had ever seen. From that moment forward, she could think of nothing beyond the next fix, and her once-good looks withered away, leaving her resembling a haggard old crone before her time.

As she no longer worked, she eventually fell into debt to the mob boss Frankie Zapruder, but when his men came to collect her, they discovered the new drug her son produced and brought him to Frankie, who sought to expand his criminal empire with it. Both mother and son were taken into Frankie's custody, where the new drug, "Toad Juice," was harvested by Frankie's medics.

Eventually, a gang war over the Toad Juice erupted between Frankie's mob and that of his nemesis, Daniel Kaufman, with both Berdereauxs captured by Kaufman's men. In the chaos, Toad Boy and his mother were rescued from by the mysterious reality warper Mister M, who also removed Tarquin's powers with a thought. The threat of Toad Juice was over, but all Mrs. Berdeaux could do was rave and rant over the loss of her "honey."


Unrevealed; she was presumably a mutant, as she lived in District X and was immune to the lethal side-effects of Toad Juice. Although, we know that there is some degrees of immunity regarding the powers between relatives.

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