Early life

Mrs. Costanza, born Danzinger, was a mutant, who was often the cause of fights between boys because of her abilities. On one occasion, the fight ended up in a stabbing, and the stabber described the event as Mrs. Costanza putting him under the spell of a "Siren".[1]

At some time, her sister Bethany brought her fiancé Jake Costanza home, where he met Mrs. Danzinger.[2] Jake proposed the very next day and the couple went to Las Vegas to get married. She sent a postcard to Bethany from Vegas, which began her sister's attempts to find her.[1]

The Costanza's then went to live in District X, New York City for at least a year, and after eighteen months of searching, Bethany found them.

Jake became jealous and fearful that another man could fell in love with his wife, and ruined his life to keep her: He told everyone that his wife was mute, and letting Bethany to talk to her sister, she was able to learn that he was unemployed and was living off benefits, and that she was chained any time he left the flat.


NYPD agents Izzy Ortega and Gus Kucharsky were called by Bethany, and after a briefing at Patricia Hamilton's flat, the pair entered the Constanza's apartment.

While being freed from her presumed abusive husband who kept her bound and gagged, she mind-controlled Officer Kucharsky into shooting her husband. He then turned the gun on Mrs. Costanza, shooting her to death before attempting suicide. Officer Ortega was able to deflect the blast, saving Officer Kucharsky's life.


She was a very powerful persuasive, able to make others obey her telepathic orders simply by speaking.

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