Private Detective Mark Mason takes on Ruth Daley as a client after the murder of her father, wealthy Reginald Daley was murdered. She explains that her fiancée Dick Wayne is the prime suspect as her father refused to allow him to marry Ruth. When a gun shot was heard in the house following another argument, Ruth's mother found Dick cradling Reginald's death body. Although the evidence is against Dick, Ruth believes he is innocent and hires Mark to solve the murder.

Overhearing this, Mark's secretary Louise Grant decides to pay a visit to the Daley residence as the Blonde Phantom to search for clues. Sneaking into the house she begins look around, when someone tries to attack her from behind, the Blonde Phantom flips the attacker over her shoulder and is surprised to find that it is Dick Wayne. Dick explains that he was hiding out to avoid capture. Blonde Phantom is convinced that Dick is not responsible and convinces him to turn himself over to the police. Searching the office for clues the Blonde Phantom finds documents that reveal that Mrs. Daley was selling the family jewels in order to pay off her gambling debts.

Searching the widows room she finds a pile of money and a number of IOU's to various gamblers. Believing this is enough to at least keep Dick away the electric chair, Blonde Phantom calls the police and sets up a trap for Mrs. Daley. Inviting Mrs. Daley to Mark Mason's office, Blonde Phantom confronts her with the truth. When Mrs. Daley attempts to shoot the Blonde Phantom, the masked heroine manages to knock her out with a slap to the face before she can shoot and turns her over to the authorities. Later, Ruth visits Mark office asking him to thank the Blonde Phantom for her help, unaware that Louise is the Blonde Phantom.[1]

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