Mrs. Gwynn is the mother of Pixie. Next to nothing is known of her past or how she met Pixie's father, the villainous Mastermind. She fabricated an elaborate hoax so that Pixie would believe that her father was a simple coal miner who died there.[citation needed]

For whatever reason, Pixie and her mother have a somewhat strained relationship and don't communicate very often. Despite this, however, she is very protective of her child and tries her best to keep her safe. To this end, she entrusted her daughter with the X-Men at Xavier's Institute. Even after M-Day and the ordeal with William Stryker, the death of most de-powered students and Magik corrupting her daughter's soul, she still trusted the X-Men with her child's life.[citation needed]

When her daughter was endangered, Pixie called out to her mother magically and Mrs. Gwynn rushed to Utopia to find out what was wrong. Upon arriving, however, she alluded to Pixie's father's origins and true nature while speaking with X-Men Nightcrawler and Psylocke. When the X-Men, in no uncertain terms, told her that Pixie was missing she doesn't take the news well, deciding to find the girl on her own. In doing so, she also showed her apparent magical powers.[citation needed]


Mrs. Gwynn has shown amazing strength beyond a normal woman of her weight and age. She was able to swat away Nightcrawler with a passing back hand that made him appear as if he's a rag doll. She also showed what appeared to be magical teleportation, which manifest as swirls of brown dust and the ability to float.[citation needed]

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