Ms. Coleman and Mr. Krane were Norman Osborn's henchmen. They were assigned the mission to infiltrate the underwater storage facility known as the Lock Box to steal the Carnage symbiote. To this end they joined the staff of the Lock Box. They disguised an arsenal of Pumpkin Bombs as their first cargo, and gained access to the facility. When one of the artifacts in containment, the Zodiac Key, started acting up and Commander Hicks ordered a lockdown, Krane and Coleman decided to blow their cover and attack the Lock Box using the Pumpkin Bombs, killing several staffers and then opening fire on Commander Hicks. They shot their way through the building until they acquired the Carnage symbiote, and subsequently delivered it to Osborn.[1]

After merging with the symbiote, Osborn fought with it for control. While having power over Norman's body, Carnage asked Coleman and Krane to come to his office, and brutally murdered them for the sake of it, arguing it was the price Osborn had to pay for "making business" with him.[2]

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