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Quote1 In it day, it was considered the height of super-hero haute couture. Quote2
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The original costume wore by Ms. Marvel was a piece of technology automatically created by the miraculous machine named the Psyche-Magnitron as part of the process that triggered the transformation of Carol Danvers into a Kree warrior. The machinery in the suit was designed to bridge the genetic reconstruction of Danvers and electronically mimicked her nascent superpowers.[1] Later on, the costume was ruined[1] and Ms. Marvel wore a different suit no longer attached to the Kree culture. This second costume was built with unstable molecules and designed by superhuman fashionista Janet Van Dyne.[2] Ms. Marvel eventually adopted the Captain Marvel mantle and returned to wear a suit that resembled Kree iconography.[3] Danvers' successor as Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan wore a version of the suit developed by her friend Bruno Carrelli. His Biokinetic Polymer Suit was a perfect fit for Khan's metamorphic abilities.[4] Khan's suit was momentarily assimilated by a Kree Stormranger Nanosuit.[5]




Original Costume

When the miraculous machine named the Psyche-Magnitron detonated and triggered Carol Danvers' transformation into a Kree warrior, it was powered by Captain Mar-Vell's Nega-Bands. In order to reconstruct Danvers' genomic structure, it created a suit that electronically mimicked her future abilities.[1] The fine and sophisticated electronic webbing built into the suit allowed her to sail the planet's electromagnetic field, granting her the ability to fly. Ms. Marvel had the ability to manifest the costume following a flash of light whenever she wanted to as well as make it disappear, replacing it with her ordinary clothing and vice-versa.[6] Aesthetically, it resembled Mar-Vell's military suit which had been generated by the Nega-Bands. As such, it was primarily red and black, displaying a golden Hala Star on its torso. Additionally, it was complemented by a long red scarf.[6] Initially, the costume exposed the user's abdomen and back, but it was redesign to cover these areas.[7]

The electronic webbing was short-circuited when Ms. Marvel battled the brute Grotesk.[8] Being damaged beyond repair, it did not work properly when A.I.M. Agent 17 tested it with hopes of manifesting its flight properties. However, having the costume's abilities herself, Ms. Marvel could still fly without the mechanism and stayed wearing the costume.[9] The costume was left in shreds when Ms. Marvel battled Ronan the Accuser. She used its scarf to immobilize her damaged arm.[1] After this, Ms. Marvel started wearing another costume.[2]

Years later, Ms. Marvel passed her original costume on to the young Kree hero Ultragirl as a graduation gift. Ultragirl was a cadet of the Initiative program, which enlisted superhumans to military duty, and had just been promoted to licensed superhero. Ms. Marvel expressed that seeing her legacy being carried on made her proud.[10] However, when Norman Osborn became in control of the Initiative, he demanded Ultragirl to return the costume alleging he owned the rights over Ms. Marvel's identity.[11] He presented the costume to Moonstone, who was rebranded as the Ms. Marvel of Osborn's team of Avengers.[12] After Osborn's reign fell, Moonstone was imprisoned and the whereabout of the costume were not revealed.[13] When Osborn reformed his team of Avengers, this time without legal sanction, he had the super criminal Superia wear a similar version of the Ms. Marvel's suit.[14]

Unstable Molecules[]

Doctor Strange Vol 5 3 Carol Danvers 50th Anniversary Variant Textless

Black and Yellow Costume

Having her original superhero costume ruined, Carol Danvers had the help of the superhuman fashion designer Janet Van Dyne to design an alternative one made out of Unstable Molecules. The suit functioned as a second skin and was affected by Ms. Marvel's mass. Moreover, it could just like her previous costume manifest and disappear in a flash of light at her will, replacing and being replaced by her ordinary clothing. The costume was a black leotard stamped with a golden lightning bolt, complemented by a black mask and long boots and gloves. Another item was a red sash wore over her waist.[2]

After being attacked by Rogue in an incident that took away her powers and memories,[15] Carol Danvers reverted back to wearing civilian clothes.[16] As Binary, she wore a different costume as a cosmic warrior in space.[17] However, her old persona began asserting itself within Rogue's psyche, ultimately supplanting it.[18] During a visit to her old apartment, owned by Arabella Jones, Carol Danvers, piloting Rogue's body, retrieved her Ms. Marvel costume. She wore it to battle the Sentinels Nimrod and Master Mold. Rogue ended the battle by throwing herself and the adversaries into the Siege Perilous.[19] The two women's minds and bodies were separated with the ordeal. However, where Rogue was restored to health by Magneto, it came at the cost of this iteration of Carol Danvers' survival.[20] The real Carol Danvers eventually returned to Earth[21] and resumed wearing her classic lightning bolt costume after rejoining the Avengers as Warbird.[22] The costume was replaced by Captain Marvel's Suit when Danvers adopted such an identity.[3] Kamala Khan's modelled her Ms. Marvel's Biokinetic Polymer Suit after this version of Carol Danvers' costume.[4] Also, Jessica Jones was forced by the misogynist Jared Beekman to wear an accurate version of the costume.[23]


Black Panther Vol 7 3 Carol Danvers 50th Anniversary Variant Textless

Binary Suit

Having allied herself to the X-Men following her loss of powers,[24] Danvers was ambushed by the Brood, who were in need of the mutants as vessels to reproduce.[25] The Brood noted that Carol Danvers was an anomaly and subjected her to evolutionary modification.[26] Unbeknownst to them, they triggered her transformation into Binary, physically linking her to the primal fabric of the universe and allowing her to be fueled by the unlimited energies of a white hole. As part of the transformation, Carol Danvers manifested a new white and flaming red costume which had the symbols of two stars, representing a binary star system. Her appearance, in general, evoked a star.[27]



Having adopted the name Warbird to represent her military background, Danvers mainly wore her classic Ms. Marvel suit until she replaced it when serving with the Avengers. Warbird's new uniform was an all-black military-like body suit with white pieces of protective vest.[28] Warbird wore this suit when invited by the president to be Chief Field Leader of the Department of Homeland Security.[29] After distancing herself from governmental affairs, she returned to her previous costume.[30]

Captain Marvel's Uniform[]

Captain Marvel Vol 9 3 McKelvie Variant Textless

Having decided to take over the Captain Marvel codename, Carol Danvers adopted a brand-new visual identity. Her military-like costume was a full-bodied suit made out of Stark-designed impermeable fabric which counted with a red sash similar to the one she had previously worn. The costume also featured a collapsible helmet that echoed those used by Kree soldiers, making outer space flight possible. When used, Danvers' hair came out of it as a mohawk. The color scheme and iconography was similar to that of Mar-Vell's as well, being red and navy blue. A golden Hala Star is displayed on the chest area of the costume,[3] although it has no direct ties to the Kree Empire.[31]

Biokinetic Polymer Suit[]


During her experience of being transformed by the Terrigenesis, the young Inhuman Kamala Khan had an inspiring dream of Carol Danvers; her shape-shifting powers had turned her clothes into the Ms. Marvel's outfit, which Kamala eventually regretted, deeming it uncomfortable.[32] After foiling a robbery dressed as Captain Marvel,[33] Khan eventually made a costume of her own out of a burkini, which stamped Ms. Marvel's costume's lightning bolt, to act as the new Ms. Marvel.[34] That one was the basis for Khan's final suit, made by her friend Bruno Carrelli out of a malleable biokinetic polymer that made the outfit change alongside Kamala Khan's transmuting body.[4] For details, see Biokinetic Polymer Suit.

Kree Stormranger Nanosuit[]

Magnificent Ms

Kamala Khan's suit was assimilated by a sentient Kree Stormranger Nanosuit, that reshaped itself as a version of Ms. Marvel's suit.[5] The erratic creature eventually assumed an independent form based on Ms. Marvel, becoming Stormranger.[35] For details, see Biokinetic Polymer Suit and Stormranger.


Ms. Marvel Mutant Menace Vol 1 1 Ms

After discovering her mutant lineage and joining the X-Men, Kamala Khan redesigned her biokinetic polymer suit to resemble the X-Uniforms - featuring the X-Men's signature colors of yellow and blue, a larger mask, and red X-logos - to reflect her newfound identity and allegiance.[36] Kamala hoped that her new suit would help temper the anti-mutant sentiment spread by Orchis, but instead turned most of the public against her.[37] Despite this, Kamala continued to wear her X-themed suit.[38] For details, see Biokinetic Polymer Suit and X-Uniforms.


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