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Quote1 Sorry, Mr. Robertson. I can't stay to explain. Something else is more important: a man's life! Quote2
Ms. Marvel

Appearing in "This Woman, This Warrior!"

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Synopsis for "This Woman, This Warrior!"

A new super-hero has appeared in New York City, Ms. Marvel, who has been seen breaking up a crime in progress being conducted by the Scorpion. Carol Danvers, former NASA chief of security has also come to New York and has been plagued with a series of black-outs, and unknown to her, she is really Ms. Marvel. She has taken up a new job as editor of the Daily Bugle's Woman Magazine, a magazine which publisher J. Jonah Jameson doesn't care for overly much.

On the job she meets with Peter Parker and his girlfriend Mary Jane, whom she invites over before having another fainting spell. Changing into Ms. Marvel she arrives back at the Bugle just after Jonah was kidnapped by the Scorpion who has come to get revenge against the publisher for his role in the creation of the Scorpion.

Ms. Marvel arrives and easily defeats the Scorpion and rescues Jameson from sudden doom. The next day, as she reports to work as Carol Danvers, Carol finds that Jonah hasn't been enriched by his experience of being rescued from a female super-hero. Retiring to her office, Carol begins to wonder which is more of an enigma -- Carol Danvers with her blackouts and headaches, or Ms. Marvel the new super-hero she's been charged with writing reports about for Woman Magazine.

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