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Synopsis for "The Warrior and the Witch-Queen!"

Continued from last issue... Ms. Marvel has just been attacked by Hecate and the Elementals. Believing that Hecate is their leader she attacks her, and after a brief battle, Ms. Marvel learns that Hecate is not her foe and that she is seeking to stop the Elementals from obtaining the Ruby Scarab.

The Elementals themselves have captured Zephyr and are torturing her in order to force Oldann and Harper into giving up the Scarab. The ploy works and the Elementals attack Ms. Marvel and Hecate after they've obtained it, causing untold damage and effecting the nearby Cape Canaveral, creating the tragedy with Salia Petrie's space ship that Carol foresaw. However, Ms. Marvel and Hecate gain the upper hand in battle she prevents the disaster, and Hecate gets the better of the Elementals by turning into their one true fear: The Living Mummy. This distracts them enough for Ms. Marvel to grab for the scarab causing a huge energy feedback. With the Elementals defeated, Ms. Marvel has changed back to Carol Danvers, and with the Scarab in hand the enraged Carol blames Hecate for the death of her friend.


  • Cover art modifications by Romita; modifications on background figures by Rubinstein.

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