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Synopsis for "The Shark Is a Very Deadly Beast!"

Returning to New York from her visit in Boston, Ms. Marvel has a brief date with Michael Barnett before returning to her job at Woman Magazine as Carol Danvers. There she finds that deadlines are impending, and also learns about the break in at her office and is present when Jean DeWolff interviews Frank Gianelli about the break-in. At the same time, Tiger Shark breaks out of his cell in Hydrobase, and begins his next plot of revenge against Namor.

When Carol is looking at a new apartment, she is drawn outside when Wundarr bursts through a wall, and checks it out as Ms. Marvel. There after a brief struggle with the man-boy, she learns from Annie Christopher that Namorita has been targeted for kidnap by Tiger Shark.

Ms. Marvel rushes to Namorita's rescued, and after a short battle with Tiger shark, he manages to escape with Namorita into the water. Unable to follow them at that time, Ms. Marvel vows to find some way to save Namorita from Tiger Shark. This story is continued next issue...


  • Cover art modifications by Romita.

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