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Quote1.png We Avengers don't take kindly to Cap'n Marvel groupies who smash through our front door without even so much as a knock! Quote2.png
Beast (to Ms. Marvel, not realizing who she is)

Appearing in "The Deep Deadly Silence!"

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  • Old U.S. Navy Destroyer (Destroyed)
  • U-boat (Referenced)


Synopsis for "The Deep Deadly Silence!"

Continued from last issue...

Ms. Marvel has travelled to Avengers Mansion. She seeks their resources to find a way to go after Tiger Shark, who has just escaped into the ocean with Namorita as his hostage. This leads to a brief battle against the Beast and Scarlet Witch. After everything is explained, the two Avengers allow Ms. Marvel to use their lab to devise a way to allow her to breath underwater, which she succeeds in doing.

Tracking down Tiger Shark to a sunken battleship, she fights against her aquatic foe, who uses the sunken ship's missiles and a squid to try and stop her. However, in spite of these efforts, Ms. Marvel gets up close and battles Tiger Shark hand-to-hand. The battle ends with Ms. Marvel beating Tiger Shark and knocking him out. However, it's at this moment that Ms. Marvel's ability to breath underwater wears off, causing her to black out. When she comes to, Ms. Marvel finds that Namorita had summoned a rescue ship from Atlantis, which saved her life and took Tiger Shark into their custody.


  • Letters: Saladino (uncredited) page 1.

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