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Appearing in "The St. Valentine's Day/Avengers Massacre!"

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Synopsis for "The St. Valentine's Day/Avengers Massacre!"

Continued from last issue...

Attacked by Centurion, Ms. Marvel ends up in a battle across town. The fight itself attracts the attention of the Avengers, who come to try and stop the battle themselves.

As the battle rages across the city, Mystique reports to her superiors about the progress of the attack, while on the planet Hala, Phae-Dor and Bun-Dall are convinced that the Supreme Intelligence is still in stasis. However, they will soon learn how wrong they are.

Back on Earth, the Avengers get into an argument over what to do about Centurion, unaware that the enemy is making one more attack on the group. Ms. Marvel steps in and tosses Wonder Man at Centurion, breaking up the argument and causing the rest of the Avengers to focus on the task at hand. Fighting Centurion into a power plant, Ms. Marvel uses the dynamos to jolt Centurion's armor with electricity and throws away his now unstable hand blaster, which explodes in the sky.

Afterwards, the Avengers arrive, and Centurion is unmasked as George Bullard, which prompts the Avengers to question their own security.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Ms. Prints". Letters are published from "Jule St. Germaine", and "Lyn Mims".
  • This issue appears to take place prior to Avengers #172.

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