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Synopsis for "Enigma of Fear!"

Continued from last issue... AIM is furious over the Scorpion's defeat at the hands of Ms. Marvel, and as they try to heal the Scorpion, they send their agent Kerwin Korman (now wearing a mind-blast helmet and calling himself the Destructor) decides to investigate Ms. Marvel's apparent Kree origins. Which takes him to the cavern where Captain Marvel had his last battle with Yon-Rogg.

Meanwhile, the Scorpion breaks loose and escapes AIM, and Carol Danvers has another lunch date with Mary Jane where she talks of her experiences and adventures with Captain Marvel. After another fainting spell, Carol goes to see her doctor Michael Barnett, who hypnotizes her and learns of her being a hostage of Yon-Rogg and being pulled out of a cavern after the psychemagnatron explodes, and how she subconsciously knows that she is Ms. Marvel.

Dr. Benette doesn't believe it at first, when suddenly Carol faints and transforms into Ms. Marvel right in front of him and takes off. She is drawn to the Scorpion, who is on a rampage and easily subdues him. However, the Destructor arrives and attacks her with his mind-blasts. The fight ends with the two knocking each other out.

This story is continued next issue...

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