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  • Cole's Jeep
  • A.P.C. Battle Tanks (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "The All-New Ms. Marvel"

Having fashioned a new costume as Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers is interrupted when Frank Gianelli arrives with some troubling news. He tells her of how Sharon Cole, one of Woman Magazine's reporters sent out to New Mexico, has gone missing and all that has been found was her tape recorder, with a message that suggests that something has captured her out in the desert.

Going to investigate, she finds that the military is not interested in speaking to her, and so she has a police officer take her out to the site where Sharon disappeared. There, Carol finds a number of destroyed military vehicles along with Sharon's car. When the police officer disappears, Carol transforms into Ms. Marvel.

This is in the neck of time, as she is quickly attacked by members of the Lizard People race, after a battle their leader Aracht'yr determines her to be unique among the humans they have encountered to date, and as the dawn rises he tells his soldier Haemon to knock her out. Haemon complies with an eye beam blast that is strong enough to render Ms. Marvel unconscious. The Lizard People then take her to their home, a secret civilization hidden in the mountains of the New Mexico desert.

This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue sees the debut of Ms. Marvel's second costume, which she later wears as Warbird and beyond.

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