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  • A.P.C. Battle Tanks (Only in flashback) (Destruction)

Synopsis for "The Devil in the Dark!"

Continued from last issue... Ms. Marvel is dumped in the holding cell where all the prisoners of the Lizard People have been taken. There she finds the soldiers as well as Sharon Cole. Ms. Marvel promises them that she will try and free them.

Escaping, Ms. Marvel battles her way through the various Lizard People until she reaches their leader Aracht'yr, who tells her that he cannot let them go, as human knowledge of the Lizard People will be the end of their society. Ms. Marvel decides to prove them otherwise and attacks the city, and eventually kills their greatest warrior: The Guardian.

Having shown the full extent of her power, she demands that the leader of the Lizard People lets them go or she will destroy their home. Aracht'yr concedes, and for that, Ms. Marvel promises that they will keep the Lizard People's society a secret. After returning home, she finds a present from the Lizard People waiting in her apartment - a small lizard to remind her that she holds the future of the Lizard People in her hands.

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