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Appearing in "Second Chance!"

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  • Intercontinental ballistic missile (Mentioned)
  • Freighter Duncan

Synopsis for "Second Chance!"

Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Ms. Marvel Vol 1 22 001.jpg

Carol Danvers is laid off from Woman Magazine by J. Jonah Jameson due to their creative differences as to where the magazine is supposed to go. Leaving the Daily Bugle Building and changing into Ms. Marvel, she is attacked by Deathbird, who is in the area. Their fight is short, however, and Deathbird escapes.

Returning to her apartment as Carol Danvers, she finds that her friends and colleagues have thrown a surprise party to try and boost her morale. Carol learns that Tracy was offered Carol's former job, and she also becomes the object of affections of three men: Frank Gianelli, Michael Barnett, and Sam Adams. When Michael feels emasculated around her, Carol takes offense and flees the situation as Ms. Marvel.

She comes across Deathbird, who has hired a group of thieves to rob a Stark Industries warehouse for material to build a ship to escape back home. During the battle, a man and his daughter are threatened. However, Ms. Marvel manages to fight off Deathbird, who escapes after dropping rubble on her. Furious that Deathbird escaped, it turns out not to be a total loss for Ms. Marvel when the father and his daughter thank her for saving their lives.

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