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Synopsis for "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"

After a date with Sam Adams, Carol Danvers returns home to relax, when she is suddenly visited by Salia Petrie, whom she thought had died in space. However, after putting her to rest in her apartment, Carol is attacked by Salia who transports Carol to the Guardians of the Galaxy's space station which is under the control of the Faceless One who saved Salia in order to get to and take control of Ms. Marvel.

Getting away from the Faceless One, Carol finds Vance Astro who helps her battle the Faceless One to try and free Salia. During the battle, Carol destroys the Faceless One's android body with freezing coolant, and the two manage to defeat the Faceless One. Afterwords, Vance uses his mental powers to free Salia from the Faceless One's control. After which Carol reveals her identity to the frightened Salia.


  • Letters: Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Albers (credited as Diane Albers) pages 2-17.
  • This is the last issue of the first volume of Ms. Marvel as the series was cancelled. However, the next two issues were scripted. Issue Vol 1 24 was completed and issue Vol 1 25 was only partially completed. These issues would not be published until 1992 when they were printed in the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #10Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #11.
  • Ms. Marvel appears next in Avengers #183.

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