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Synopsis for "The Lady's Not For Killing!"

Continued from last issue.... Reviving from a knock out while battling the Destructor, Ms. Marvel resumes her battle until AIM arrives. They cause enough carnage to keep Ms. Marvel busy while they make their escape from Destructor. Ms. Marvel saves some spectators from danger before fleeing the scene and changing back to Carol Danvers.

Returning to the Daily Bugle, she canceled her next appointment with Dr. Barnett and comes across a story about a female astronaut that she gets J. Jonah Jameson to agree to let her cover. Traveling to her old stomping grounds at NASA, Carol soon changes into Ms. Marvel.

On the other side of New York, in the A.I.M. New York headquarters, located beneath the Alden's Department Store in the Bronx. A.I.M., using a "psycho-conditioner", is trying to wreck the self-will of their former associate professor Kerwin Korman, also known as the Destructor, as punishment. On the next order of business, A.I.M. launched its own privately built rocket with the newly recovered Doomsday Man onboard, his mission was to sabotage the N.A.S.A.'s rocket launch in Cape Canaveral. Although the rocket is destroyed, Ms. Marvel put a stop to the Doomsday Man, when they both crash land on Earth. The crash, however, has removed the mental block on her mind allowing her to realize that Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel are both the same person.

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