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** Subterranean Kree Outpost
** Subterranean Kree Outpost
* {{fb|[[Earth Orbit]]}}
* {{fb|[[Earth Orbit]]}}
* {{Invoked|[[Hala (Planet)|Hala]]}}
* {{Mentioned|[[Hala (Planet)|Hala]]}}
* {{a|[[Ms. Marvel's Suit]]}}
* {{a|[[Ms. Marvel's Suit]]}}

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Appearing in "Death Is the Doomsday Man!"

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Synopsis for "Death Is the Doomsday Man!"

Continued from last issue... Ms. Marvel has traveled to the cavern where she was exposed to the Psychemagnatron which turned her into Ms. Marvel. She is attacked by the Doomsday Man, while at the same time the Destructor is looking for some sort of Kree technology to use as weapon.

After a lengthy battle, Ms. Marvel recalls when she met the creator of the Doomsday Man and is able to use that memory to devise a way to deactivate the robot. When Destructor attacks her, he reveals that he found a Kree device. However, upon opening it, the device inside strikes the Destructor blind. In a panic he begins firing mind blasts all over the cavern, causing a massive cave-in. Ms. Marvel just barely manages to escape, and later when the military digs her out, she has turned back into Carol Danvers and passed out.

Three days later when she returns to New York, she gets a call from Michael Barnett, who tells her that he needs to speak to her about Ms. Marvel. This story is continued next issue...

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