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Quote1.png And I'm not going to run away from anything...ever again. Quote2.png
Ms. Marvel

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Synopsis for "Your Own Worst Enemy"

Ms. Marvel's pulse is quickly dropping but stabilizes after a few seconds. Warbird continues her attack and Beast and Rogue attempt to stop her, but Warbird swats Beast aside and attempts to kill Rogue. Even when Ms. Marvel intervenes, Warbird attempts to kill both. To prevent Rogue from further getting involved, Ms. Marvel is forced to brutally incapacitate her.

Witnessing this, Warbird attempts to convince Ms. Marvel to kill Rogue, but Ms. Marvel refuses and attacks Warbird instead. Increasingly furious, Warbird reveals that, during her travels across universes, she killed every Rogue and Carol Danvers she came across because she was unable to accept that in all those worlds, Carol forgave Rogue and they became friends. Ms. Marvel is forced to neutralize Warbird and leave her under S.H.I.E.L.D. custody.

Later at the X-Men's medical bay, Carol visits the unconscious Rogue, but Beast upset Carol was tempted by the prospect of killing his friend, only tells Carol to leave. Ms. Marvel flies into low orbit and cries her heart out, terrified that Warbird showed her the kind of person she could become if she let anger and vengeance consume her. But now, her mind is clear and she will become the best hero she can be. And with those intentions, she goes home.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Carol Danvers must face herself and the terrible things she has done. Special guest X-Men Rogue and Beast appear, Carol finds a new romantic interest, and Ms. Marvel’s life begins a frightening new chapter... all in one issue!
  • Special guest artist Mike Wieringo (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) joins writer Brian Reed for a very dark moment in the life of Ms. Marvel.

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